Instagram Tests New Spins Option To Facilitate Trend Participation


Instagram is working on a new collaborative engagement option for Reels called “Spins,” which would seemingly enable other users to remix your Reels with alternate audio and/or text elements.

Instagram Spins

As you can see in this example, shared by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, the new “Spins” option is currently in testing within the Reels composer flow (simulated via the back-end app code, not in the app itself), with a toggle to switch Spins on or off.

When activated, Instagram’s current explanation is that Spins will:

“Allow people to swap out text or audio in your Reel. For every spin added, you will reach their audience.

It sounds kind of like meme templates, but for Reels instead.

Meme creation sites, for example, enable you to fill in the text on meme templates, so that you can customize them for different purposes, and add your own creative take.

Instagram Spins

Spins sounds like Instagram’s version of the same for trending Reels, so if there’s a template that’s gaining traction, you’ll be able to add in different text tags or audio to change the meaning, facilitating more content creation.

Providing more avenues for creation has been key to TikTok’s success, with the platform essentially enabling more participatory trend content, inviting more users to actually post and contribute their own take.

In this sense, Spins could be a good option, and could help to drive more meme-like trends on IG.

We don’t have much to go on as yet, as it’s still in very early testing, but it could be another creation option coming to Reels in the near future.  


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