Meta Updates Its Creator Bonus Program To Provide More Incentives for Top Talent


Meta is making some updates to its Creator Bonus program, as it works to refine its incentives for rising creative talent.

First off, Meta’s removing the restriction on how much creators can earn from the program per month. Up till now, the Creator Bonus program has been limited to a maximum payout of $30,000 per month, but now, as Meta says, “the sky’s the limit – creators can earn unlimited monthly payouts”.

Which could be a big lure to keep more of its top talent around, and posting to its apps, and with Reels, in particular, driving more engagement on Facebook and IG, it makes sense for Meta to explore more ways to keep this content flowing however it can.

Meta says that this update will be rolled out to all eligible creators by March.

Meta’s also inviting more creators to participate in the program, including Asian creators, who’ve thus far been unable to access the offering.

As per Meta:

Select creators in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia may now be eligible for an invite, joining the US, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, India and Mexico. And stay tuned for more countries coming soon.”

The program remains, however, invite only, and Meta hasn’t shared a heap of info around who they’re looking to include in the scheme. The main performance measurement of the program, Meta says, is post reach, so presumably, Meta has a certain performance threshold at which they look into potential candidates.

But if you want to join the program, there’s not really a set pathway, as such, at this stage.

In addition to these expansions, Meta’s also inviting participants to integrate Reels ads into their clips, providing even more monetization potential, while it’s also continuing to transition its video payout programs from ad-based to performance-based, in order to better reward high quality content on Facebook.

These are interesting updates, in relation to the broader race for top talent, with Meta looking to facilitate more earnings potential, and present itself as the best way to reach a wide audience, and earn money for your content.

It’d still be behind YouTube in this regard, but the integration of more Reels incentives is clearly a hedge against TikTok, with Meta’s monetization program, for top talent at least, providing more compensation for the best creators who impact the most users in its apps.

You can read more about Meta’s latest Performance Bonus Program updates here.


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