Pinterest Expands Body Type Search to More Users and Verticals


After testing out its new AI-powered “Body Type Filters” over the past few months, Pinterest is now expanding the roll out of its “Body Type Ranges” search filter to searches for women’s fashion and wedding ideas, which will make it easier for Pinners to find matches that more accurately represent their body type.

Pinterest body type search

As explained by Pinterest:

“Body type ranges put the power of choice in the hands of Pinterest users: When users search for women’s fashion or wedding inspiration, they will be prompted with a visual cue to select between four body type ranges to deliver customized search results that better reflect how they see themselves.”

The system is built on Pinterest’s proprietary AI technology, which uses body shape, size and form to identify various body types in over 3.5 billion images posted to the platform.

That then enables users to select the right shape that represents them, so that the search results shown are more inclusive and indicative for each individual. 

It’s the latest in Pinterest’s expanded diversity efforts, which also include its skin tone search filters and hair type discovery options. These features provide more personalization, and further enhance the user experience.

So rather than using AI as a novelty, Pinterest is trying to use the technology as an additive feature, which can better inform usage options.

It seems like a good option, which will increase both inclusion, as well as the accuracy of the results displayed.

Pinterest says that body type ranges for women’s fashion and wedding-related content are now available in the U.S., and are currently being tested in Canada. Pinterest further notes that body type ranges will roll out to men’s fashion later this year, and to new verticals and additional international markets “on an ongoing basis.” 


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