Pinterest Shares New Tips on How Marketers Can Maximize Inclusion in Their Messaging

Pinterest has shared some new notes on how brands can incorporate inclusivity into their marketing and advertising approaches, in order to ensure that their messaging speaks to more consumers, and connects with a broader spectrum of people.

Diversity has long been a key focus for Pinterest, from its skin tone search filters, to hair type discovery options, to its more recent addition of body shape filters.

And Pinterest also wants brands to play a part.

As per Pinterest:

We believe that advertisers can help people to feel seen and heard in their campaigns. From imagery to messaging, your creative choices can greatly impact how people perceive your brand. You can also inspire people with inclusive content that showcases new ideas that they can incorporate into their lives.”

In order to help brands maximize inclusivity, Pinterest has shared the following tips:

  1. Build inclusive thinking into your process – Pinterest urges brands to incorporate inclusivity into every step of their planning, rather than leaving it as a final finishing touch.
  2. Ideate for a broad range of audiences – Pinterest says that brands should consider the audience that they want to reach, and their varying needs. Pinterest also suggests working with specific influencers to highlight inclusion.
  3. Use insights to build your understanding – Ensure you’re tracking all audience responses, and factoring them into your planning.
  4. Diversify your visuals – Diversifying your visuals is a key step to inclusion, ensuring that different people, and different cultures, are represented.
  5. Use inclusive language – Pinterest says that small tweaks in language can have a big impact “such as using ‘couple’ instead of ‘bride and groom’ to talk about weddings”. Pinterest also highlights captions, and considering the use of screen readers in your copy.
  6. Evolve as you go – Pinterest says that brands should acknowledge when they make mistakes, and learn from those incidents.

It’s a handy overview of tips to help maximize inclusion, which could be worth factoring into your approach. And while you’ve no doubt considered most of these points, it is also worth having a reminder every now and then, and double-checking that your campaigns are ticking off these key steps.

You can read Pinterest’s full inclusion overview here.

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