Reddit Launches New ‘Reddit Pro’ Data Analytics Suite

Reddit has announced a new “Reddit Pro” set of analytics and data insights, designed to help brands make the most of the app, and tap into the value of Reddit’s highly active niche communities.

And there is significant value there. More and more people, for example, are appending their Google searches with “” in order to get real insights from real people, on all sorts of queries, which is part of the reason why Google recently signed a $60 million p.a. deal to access Reddit insights.

This new dashboard will provide another window into that same data set.

Reddit Pro

As you can see in this example, Reddit’s new Pro dashboard will provide data on your own post view counts, upvotes and followers gained, while also giving you easy access to trend insights, so that you can tap into the latest, most relevant discussions in the app.

As explained by Reddit:

“Every day, real people come to Reddit to fuel their passions, solve problems, and make decisions. Behind the billions of posts and comments, Reddit’s interest-based communities are a one-of-a-kind foundation for businesses to understand, inform and engage authentically online. With Reddit Pro, we’re giving businesses and organizations the tools to unlock where, when, and how to effectively participate on the platform, whether as a complement to their Reddit ads or as a means of standalone organic engagement.”

The new Pro features provide a range of analytics and insights options, including:

  • Publishing tools – Including post scheduling and drafts, so you can plan out your Reddit posting approach.
  • Performance analytics – With data on how your posts are being received in the app, including views, comments and shares
Reddit Pro
  • AI-powered trend insights – including industry trends and engagement insights specifically related to your interests.
Reddit Pro

As you can see in this example, Reddit’s trends data will show you the most discussed topics in your chosen niche, including active subreddits, overall conversation sentiment, and more. You’ll also be able to view trends stemming from your own posts and content.

It’s a good tool set, which could provide significant value for marketers. And really, even if you’re not using Reddit, the insights you could glean from this, in terms of key discussion topics and notes, could be of significant benefit in your broader planning.

But it’s not available to everybody just yet.

Reddit says that Reddit Pro is currently available in limited capacity, “via a first-come, first-serve basis”. You can sign up to join the test here, with Reddit looking to expand availability over time, as it cleans up any bugs and issues.

Reddit says that it’s been testing the new tool suite with over 200 brands, including Wendy’s, The Wall Street Journal, NASA and the NFL. As a result, it’s incorporated a range of functional analytics that do add significant value, and it should definitely be on the radar of every social media manager.

It’s the next step in Reddit’s plan to build out its business potential, with a view to its coming IPO, in which it needs to show how it will be able to maximize its revenue opportunities.

And there’s no doubt that Reddit does facilitate valuable conversation, and now, more businesses will be able to get a better idea of just how valuable that can be.

Definitely worth signing up for the waitlist here.

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