TikTok Expands AR Creator Rewards Program To Tap into Emerging Trends


TikTok has announced an expansion of its Effect Creator Rewards program, which will enable more AR creators in more regions to earn money by creating digital experiences in the app.

TikTok launched its Effect Creator Rewards program in May last year, before expanding it to more regions in October. TikTok has also lowered the barriers for entry, enabling more creators to get paid for their effects.

And now, it’ll enable even more AR creators to monetize their effects.

As per TikTok:

“We’re expanding Effect Creator Rewards to 33 more regions! Eligible creators in the following regions can now join Effect Creator Rewards and start monetizing their effects:

TikTok Creator Effect Rewards

That will see even more AR experiences flowing into the app, and with more creators building more of their own custom, unique AR activations, that’ll also increase the chances of TikTok tapping into the next viral AR trend.

Eligible creators are able to monetize their effects once they reach 100,000 cumulative views within a 90-day period, which TikTok has also reduced to facilitate more opportunity (it was 200,000 views at launch). For each eligible effect, creators can earn up to $14,000, with the maximum payout that a single creator can earn per month being $50,000.

Which TikTok says some creators are reaching, and it’s definitely a valuable, viable incentive to inspire more AR creators to try their hand at TikTok creation.

Snapchat also has its own Lens creator rewards program, while Meta facilitates connection with AR creators for brand partnerships via its Spark Partners program.

Within this, each platform is working to expand their use of creative AR talent, which, as noted, will then help them add in more engagement-driving experiences, without relying on their internal development teams.    

Which, of course, can be hit and miss. Indeed, virtually every trending AR experience has actually originated from Snapchat, which has long facilitated more pathways into AR creation and development.

But with Snapchat being forced to cut costs, that could impact its capacity on this front. Which could open the door for TikTok to gain more traction in the growing AR space.

AR is also having a moment right now following the launch of the Apple Vision Pro headset, which has opened many people’s eyes to the possibilities of the next stage of digital connection. Meta’s also planning to showcase its in-development AR glasses later this year, with a view to a 2027 consumer launch, and within this, the platform/s with the best, most creative talent will win out, and drive more usage of their respective apps.

TikTok, from what we know, is not developing its own AR glasses, though its parent company ByteDance is still working on VR headsets. That project was scaled back significantly last year, so it seems unlikely that ByteDance will be expanding into mixed reality glasses itself at this stage.

But even so, TikTok can still tap into that trend, with both TikTok and Snap now vying to become key players in the emerging AR landscape.

Which is why programs like this are so important, and you can expect all three platforms (with Meta) to continue adding more incentive programs as AR becomes a bigger consideration.

You can learn more about TikTok’s Effect Creator Rewards program here.


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