X Renames Trust and Safety Group to Safety


Elon Musk has continued his battle against “woke” titles and departments, with “Trust and Safety” now apparently considered too politically correct. Or something.

Today, X (formerly Twitter) has announced that it’s changing the name of its “Trust and Safety” team to just “Safety.”

Which isn’t really much of an announcement, but in case you go looking for X’s Trust and Safety team in future, this is where you’ll find it.

As explained by X:

Trust is something that must be earned. And as an entirely new company, with an entirely new set of priorities, we are intentionally renaming our Trust & Safety team to Safety. Our team remains indispensable, and our mission stays the same: to provide a safe environment for all users on the platform – on their terms.”

Which is a bizarre paragraph on various fronts, and a lot of words to announce the name change.

Elon followed this up with his own comments, saying that:

“Any organization that puts “Trust” in their name cannot trusted, as that is obviously a euphemism for censorship. Trust is something that must be earned. The goal of our Safety team is simply to ensure compliance with the laws that already exist to protect the people.

Which is also a strange statement, but again, the gist is that “trust” implies bad things in Elon’s world, so X won’t be using that term anymore.

X has also underlined its key goals of protecting its users, resisting censorship and promoting transparency.

Elon remains dedicated to fighting censorship wherever he sees it, and ignoring it where he doesn’t, with Musk himself continuing to censor various people, publications, and other entities, either via on-platform penalties or legal action, however he sees fit.

So who knows what any of this actually means within his chosen context, but again, the basic info is that if you want to find X’s “Trust and Safety team”, you’re now only looking for “Safety” instead.

Nothing changes operationally. Just the name.



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