YouTube Adds New Listing of Clips Made from Your Videos, and Product Tag Alerts


YouTube has added a new display of all of the clips that viewers have made from your uploads, while it’s also rolling out new alerts to help brands ensure that their product listings are being displayed correctly in the app.

First off, on clips. Now, creators will be able to head to the “Clips Library” in YouTube Studio to see a listing of all of the Clips made from their videos.

YouTube clips listing

As you can see in this example, creators will be able to see all of the clips that have been generated by themselves, or by viewers, while they’ll also be able to manage all of these clips within the display.

That could make it easier to get an idea about what’s resonating in your content, while also helping you keep track of the various clips. YouTube also added a similar Clips analytics overview last September.

The Clips Library is being rolled out on the desktop version of YouTube Studio from today, with mobile access coming soon.

YouTube has also added new alerts to let channel managers know when products are not being shown in their uploads due to an issue.

YouTube product tag insights

As explained by YouTube:

“Creators will see a banner in the video details if there are products that are tagged but can’t be served because of tag quality issues, products under review, products that have not been approved, or products that have been deleted.”

That’ll make it easier to stay on top of potential issues with your product tags, in order to maximize your monetization and revenue potential in the app.

These are relatively small tweaks within the broader YouTube process, but each has a distinct value in helping you get more out of your uploads, and ensure that you’re tapping into more opportunities.

Both options are being rolled out in YouTube Studio from today.


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