7 Tips on how to make money from YouTube

7 Tips on how to make money from YouTube

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Set up a killer YouTube Channel

Your channel showcases your presence on YouTube and each YouTube account is connected with a YouTube Channel. When you create a YouTube account, It gives you access to Gmail and Drive. So, creating YouTube Channel is the first step for make money from YouTube. As there are millions of YouTube channels, your channel should stand out from others to draw potential buyers. Creating a YouTube channel is quite simple. One needs to have a Gmail account. Once you sign up, you can add your flair to the channel. Make sure that your YouTube channel is eye-catching. You can add your profile or professional headshot, and give it a name that is easy to remember. Also, add relevant keywords so that people can find the channel easily. YouTube has millions of viewers. So, update your YouTube Channel with videos. Use your Smartphone for this to start with. Edit the video, create a thumbnail and upload it.

Gain audience

7 Tips on how to make money from YouTube

The audience holds the key to make money from YouTube. To monetize your YouTube channel, you need regular viewers to watch your ads for earning money from them. There is no other secret to gaining an audience than to update the channel with great content. For this, you also have to understand the audience profile to understand their preferences. It should include gender, age group, location, and overall engagement time. Once you know this, your job will be easy. You can also include more niches in your channel. It will help to grow in popularity. One can have an idea of this from YouTube Analytics. Also share your content on other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Interacting with viewers also helps to grow more audience.

Join the YouTube Partner Program

People often explore ads as the first revenue stream. Joining the YouTube Partner Program is a great way to make money from YouTube. It is a vital step to monetize your YouTube channel without creating videos. YouTube allows applying for monetization if one lives in a country where this program is available, hits 1000 subscribers, and has 4000 watch hours over the last 12 months.  Moreover, the channel should not have any community guidelines ban and has a linked AdSense account. YouTube Partners gain access to several income streams like video ads, YouTube Premium subscription fees, Super Chat, channel memberships, etc. For this, one has to sign in, click the icon on the top right corner, click YouTube Studio, select monetization in the left menu, agree to the terms, and set monetization preferences.

Sell something

7 Tips on how to make money from YouTube

Selling products or merchandise is a good way to make money from YouTube. Many products are there to sell through YouTube channels. They can include anything like coffee mugs, t-shirts, etc. One can also sell e-books, art prints, virtual classes, etc. Your videos on the YouTube channel could be a great way to promote different goods. One can have customized designs for the products and you can display how the product will look after finishing. For this, you have to design the product, build it yourself or find a source, create your shop & the landing page, enable the merchandise self of the YouTube Partner Program, and promote the products through visuals. It also improves your brand personality and online presence.

Work as an affiliate or influencer

Affiliate marketing is the most practical way to make money from YouTube. It is best for those making product review videos. For this, you have to find a brand or a seller that offers an affiliate program and join them. Amazon Associates offers great affiliate program earning opportunities. Once you join, you can build custom links to goods or services that you plan to include in your videos using their process. Include demonstrations and reviews, or make reference to them in your YouTube videos and include your affiliate link in the description field. You will earn commissions when viewers click the link and make purchases. Other than affiliate marketing, brands are also investing more and more in influencer marketing. They spend a large part of their ad budget on influencers with proven loyal audiences. It opens up a great earning opportunity depending on audience demographics, content quality, uniqueness, niche profitability, etc. But one has to be transparent, and you should never endorse anything you do not know, or you do not like. There are multiple influencer marketplaces. Add your channel to them so brands can discover you.

Create sponsored content

7 Tips on how to make money from YouTube

Sponsored content has a great opportunity to make money from YouTube. You can directly negotiate with the brand for direct payment. This facility makes it a popular way of earning money through YouTube. Brands usually want to hear from the YouTube Channel that offers them a large and engaged audience and has content that is relevant to the target market. To do this you have to find a suitable brand. Maybe you have a wish list of brands. Make sure to convince them through the brand pitch. It should include your brief intro with analytics & stats and your past experiences. Nest, you enter into a contract with them and you should always be transparent about your ad and promotions. You should remember that sponsored content is a form of advertising. So it must comply with Google Ad policies.

License your content

If any of your goes viral, you can license your content. It gives you the right to manage your content on YouTube. TV news outlets, morning shows, and established media channels like to use that and they want to pay for that. Thus, you can make money from YouTube in this way. Just license your most successful videos and money will start rolling in. Follow the below steps for that.

  • Provide up-to-date contact details: Make sure that your current e-mail address is there on the about page.
  • Signing up to video rights marketplaces: These sites allow the uploading of content that media can use against payment. It is a perfect way to monetize the potentiality of your content.