In Cringe Video, OpenAI CTO Says She Doesn’t Know Where Sora’s Training Data Came From

Wondering what data OpenAI used to train its buzzy new text-to-video AI? The company’s CTO is similarly unsure. Mira Murati, OpenAI’s longtime chief technology officer, sat down with The Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern this week to discuss Sora, the company’s forthcoming video-generating AI. About halfway through the 10-minute-long interview, Stern straightforwardly asked Murati where…

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7 Signals Bitcoin Is Rocking Outside The United States

The markets are rallying exuberantly for BTC for a couple of reasons this March. Institutional investors bought deep after the SEC opened up Wall Street access to Bitcoin price exposure through custodial spot ETFs. That only adds to the scarcity shock with the supply halving coming up next month. However, many blockchain crypto trading strategists…

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Space loves AI, AI doesn’t love Space

Space-related applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning are often confined to the ground because moving AI onboard satellites, while promising, is significantly more difficult. “Running AI in space is like running a marathon on the moon — impressive if achieved, but limited by the environment,” said Sylvester Kaczmarek, chief technology officer at OrbiSky Systems,…

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