Are those work from home jobs legit – A Affiliate Marketing Guide

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If you want to earn some extra bucks apart from your regular income, then affiliate marketing is the best option for that. This is one of the marketing avenues that hardly demands a lot of time to be invested, but the return is always higher than some of the investments. Now the question arises, are those work from home jobs legit or not. To know how legitimate these are, let’s dive into the details of affiliate marketing first.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an old practice that raises a commission once a particular product is sold as per the affiliate’s recommendation. This is regarded as one of the easiest as well as the cheapest form of marketing where you need not invest in buying a product. Neither you are selling directly. You are responsible just to create a link between the buyer and seller. If the transaction happens, you will receive your commission. This is all about affiliate marketing. It has become one of the most popular work-from-home jobs all over the world and you can also be a part of that very easily.

Myth vs Reality

While earning from any sources or by any means, the first question arises regarding its credibility. In the case of home-based work, it is more. So this is a very natural question that comes into everyone’s mind, are those work from home jobs legit?


Well, there are several misconceptions regarding affiliate marketing. This is a performance-based marketing activity where a commission is awarded to the external party after a certain product is sold. There is no harm in it and it is neither a new practice that suddenly came into the market. The first affiliate program was launched in 1994 and Amazon’s Affiliate Program is in the market since 1996 – the longest to date. Despite all these, several times, hype comes into the market regarding the reality of affiliate marketing and earning options out of that.

Is affiliate marketing real or fake?

There is a myth that affiliate marketing is a scam and it offers a very low value of traffic as a whole. Further, there is a misconception that the sales value also becomes very less compared to others. Let it be clear that affiliate programs have enough potential to generate high value if run in a proper way and the myth is mostly false.


There are some old schools of thought and their followers who believe that affiliate marketing devalues one’s presence. IT is partially right that in past, people experienced some really bad stuff in dealing with affiliate marketing. There were some black hat methods like link-farm, spyware, brandjacking, cookie stuffing, trademark infringement, etc which landed people on the wrong side of the sea. But over the years, with the revolution in digital media, nowadays, affiliate marketing is one of the most secured part-time jobs that millions of people are exercising from their homes only. So, there is no question to arise, are those work from home jobs legit? It is and a huge number of people have proved the same by earning handsomely from it.

How the affiliate market works today

To clear the doubt of legit business, one should know the working pattern of affiliate marketing. With technological advancement, the affiliate marketing industry has seen radical changes in its overall business model and pattern. With social media marketing rising like a jet in the last couple of days, it has gained more importance in our daily life. Now the campaign tracking tools are more structured with support for lots of promotional methods.

Along with this, they are providing improved decision-making options so that you could get benefit from that. Apart from traditional online sales tracking, you can manage the referrals by using coupon codes or simply by using your phone. With more transparency in the entire marketing concept, people have far better belief in affiliate marketing than before and over the years, it has also proved that the decision is right. People are earning handsomely from affiliate marketing based on the investment they made on time, the type of product, and other parameters.


What types of affiliate marketing are safer?

Affiliate marketing is a vast one and you need to check in which field you will work. The decision is yours; people can tell you the features, advantages, and benefits of those avenues. Here are a few ways to earn from affiliate marketing:

  • Paid Advertising in the form of PPC, social channels, contextual ads, etc
  • Private & Public Groups and Communities where you can promote your product
  • You can sell courses, live events, and workshops on popular topics
  • Authors, motivational leaders, influencers, and speakers also have enough options to work on affiliate marketing
  • Bloggers and social media icons with promoting their or others’ products and brand
  • Review and comparison of popular products starting from technical to lifestyle items are another great option to work with affiliate marketing.
  • SEO-enabled content in websites is the basis of affiliate marketing.

So, affiliate marketing is one of the best options that millions of people are using to earn. The world has changed a lot so the new generation of people. They depend on out-of-the-box concepts and are ready to jump into an unknown world. For that, if they need to take a risk, they are not afraid. Yes, questions like are those work from home jobs legit will come to mind as a part of safety and precaution, but it is legit. A lot of people are earning a good amount from their YouTube channel, blog, and e-commerce site and successfully connect all with affiliate links that fetch revenue.

And, it is very easy to do that. Nothing complex nor do you need too much technical knowledge. It is purely a work-from-home concept and you can operate the same either from your laptop or even from your smartphone. The best part of affiliate marketing is, that you need not be bothered about the customer service, unlike typical product-based sales where you might be in the loop for any product-related issues. Here, you are just creating a bridge between buyer and seller through a link.

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