How Can You Make Money From Home – A Etsy Guide

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Rapid rise of information technology has opened up several avenues of earning money. You can earn enough money without moving an inch out of your home. The only thing needed for the purpose is an Internet enabled device. You can work at your convenience deciding on the time and manner of working. The question is how can you make money from home?


 Choose one of the Best Platforms

To make money from home, the first thing you will require is a platform facilitating trading from home. You can consider Etsy. It is one of the best trading platforms for earning money from home. This is a small guide on how can you make money from home using Etsy.

Know about Etsy

Following are a few facts you should know about Etsy.

  • It was founded in the year 2005.
  • It already has enrolled over 4.4 million sellers and 80 million buyers.
  • The e-commerce site allows buying and selling of unique products that are not produced in mass.
  • Many highly successful entrepreneurs started their earning from home on this platform.

Transacting on Etsy


If you have decided on using Etsy for your earn-from-home project then it will be necessary to know how can you make money from home using Etsy. It is different from many other platforms where you can earn money from your home. It will require some hard work initially. But its proper use can generate handsome returns on your investments. Even if you own some other businesses, it can stand out as a profitable side business giving you additional revenues.

How Can You Make Money From Home at Etsy

To make money with Etsy as the platform, you will have to follow these steps.

  • Formulate a well-designed plan.
  • Check what items you can sell on Etsy and the terms and conditions.
  • You have to follow the strict rules it has designed for trading on this e-commerce site.

You can’t Sell Everything on Etsy

In order to know how can you make money from home with Etsy you have to know that you cannot sell everything on it. Items to be sole should either be vintage or hand crafted. Vintage products must be 20 or more years old. Handmade items must be your own innovation. This means that you cannot procure such items from others and sell them on Etsy.

Other Restrictions on Etsy

You cannot also trade on the followings on Etsy.

  • Some animal products;
  • Human remains;
  • Harmful drugs including tobacco;
  • Hate or violent items; and
  • Regulated items.

You can Still Sale a Host of Items

Credit: Wren and Wilson – Etsy

Despite all such restrictions, you can still sell a host of items on Etsy. These are art and craft, apparel, toys, home décor items, collectibles, and accessories to mention some of the items you can trade on the site.

Fees You have to Pay for using Etsy

There are three types of fees you have to pay for trading on Etsy.

  1. Listing fee amounting to 20 cents for listing on the Etsy website or mobile app.
  2. Transaction fee @5% per sale. Additional costs may be charged for shipping or packaging.
  3. Subscription fee for basic membership and $10 for the advanced Etsy-Plus membership.

Understand Your Stats


To know how can you make money from home using Etsy you have to understand your current status first of all. This involves identifying your active customers and their preferences. It will help you to formulate effective business strategies. Etsy provides the facilities for learning your status by logging on to its site at All you have to do is to click on the “shop manager” tab and then the “stat” tab on the drop down menu. Beside others the site also provides the option for month-wise and year-wise comparative statistics that will help you to know where your business currently stands in the market.

Make your Descriptions Attractive

Source: Etsy

Few buyers these days have the time or patience to read or listen to long descriptions. How can you make money from home on Etsy if the potential buyers do not find your descriptions short, focused, and attractive? This is a vital aspect that many e-commerce business entities overlook. The result is disastrous for the trader concerned as they do not get the chance to increase traffic movement to their sites and to convert the potential customers in to real ones. The best way for you is to learn from the community by exchanging views with others on the Etsy site.

How to sell on Etsy


Selling products on Etsy is different because the focus is on uniqueness of the items sold here online. A common question that a marketer will usually ask is that how much money he or she can make on Etsy. It will depend on whether you are a part time or full time trader and the uniqueness of the products you are marketing. Therefore, you have to carefully choose the products you can legally sell on the site and that can generate better earnings for you. As the first step you can visit the Etsy site to learn what the successful traders are doing. Get inspirations from their ideas but do not copy anyone. It is also necessary deciding on an attractive name and logo.

Steps for Sell on Etsy by the Beginners

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If you are a beginner then you can follow the steps listed below.

  1. Make a thorough research on the right use of Etsy.
  2. Open and maintain your Etsy account.
  3. Write effective listings.
  4. Link your site and account with social media.
  5. Give top priority to customer-care.
  6. Take all measures to grow your business.

The Bottom Line

There are various ways of earning money online from your home. Traders can avail immense benefits by using global e-commerce platforms like Etsy. Before getting in to the trading site it is necessary learning how can you make money from home using Etsy. The trading site deals in all unique products and handling them properly can result in substantial income for you.

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