Website for work from home – How to be a Successful Blogger

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Want to be a successful blogger and earn money?  A website for work from home can help you start blogging.


There were around 31.7 million bloggers in the United States in 2020. Everyone can be a blogger. Just start a blog and write. It is as simple as that. But it will not make you a successful blogger earning thousands of dollars. Then how to excel as a blogger? Most people will tell you it requires dedication and passion. Many factors are there that contribute to success. It includes certain strategies and a website for work from home.

List of the website for work from home to build your blog

Maybe you are a beginner and looking for a free website for work from home to build your blogging career. The following websites are ideal for you.

  1. Blogger

It happens to be one of the best free blogging platforms offering secure and reliable blog creation. Being a publishing platform from Google, one does not need a hosting provider except a Google account. One can get a domain and earn money via an automatic display of ads by Google AdSense.

  1. Ghost

This open-source blogging platform is ideal to monetize your audience. It lets you control the design of the blog to deliver a unique customer experience. One can publish content and newsletters and grow a business. It needs a paid hosting service.

  1. Joomla

It is also a free website for work from home. You can get the software free but you need a hosting service and a domain. The platform provides a flexible website and allows the selection of colors, fonts, backgrounds, sizes, etc.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn also deserves some attention. The platform offers vast exposure and is one of the best free blogging websites. Posting on the platform is easy. One should click on the ‘start a post’ to use the feed and click ‘write an article on LinkedIn’ for editing. The platform enjoys a pre-existing audience.

  1. Medium

It is a multipurpose platform. It allows one to write what they are passionate about without worrying about coding, design, domain, etc. One can just sign up and share content to start blogging on the platform. It enjoys a vast audience.


Postach offers the easiest way to start blogging. The Evernote software powers it and the platform allow the conversion of notes into blogs. The platform offers both free and premium packages. You can optimize it with a paid custom domain. It also allows visual content and images.

  1. Tumblr

This free blogging site has more orientation toward multimedia and social media content. It has a playful interface and allows the posting of blogs just after signing up. The platform allows ads and affiliate links and one can integrate the blog with Google Analytics.


  1. Wix

It has a modern, intuitive design and is available with a free hosting option.  The platform also includes free and premium themes for blogging and many other purposes. One can sign up, select a template, and arrange the layout to start blogging.

  1. Weebly

It is a powerful website to start blogging. One can also use it for showcasing the portfolio.  It has built-in analytics and allows the use of your paid customized domain. The free plan offers five custom pages with a Weeby sub-domain. It also offers 500MB storage and ad spaces.

  1. WordPress

Combining simplicity and powerful features, it happens to be the emperor of the free blogging website for work from home. It is perfect for those who prefer one hundred percent control over their blogs. It is also perfect for long-term working.

Steps for successful blogging

As a fresh blogger one should follow the below steps besides looking for a website for work from home.

  1. Set up

Sign in to Blogger Help for this. You will find a down arrow on the left. Click it and then click ‘New blog’ and enter the blog name. Then click next and select a blog address or URL and save. You are through. You can also use Bluehost and follow the instructions to create your blog.

  1. Choose a niche

You should unleash the ideas within you for creating a niche. There is no need to have some revolutionary ideas. Focusing on a specific idea will suffice. You should also consider if you like the topic and if others will be interested in them. Searching Google will find millions of ideas. You can pick anything from cooking, marketing, workouts, etc.


  1. Install WordPress

Use Bluehost for this. It allows the installation of WordPress with a single click. Plenty of WordPress themes are there to choose from. You can find free blog themes there. Click on ‘skip this page’. It will lead you to a new page and then click on the ‘start building’ option. Next enter ‘site title’ and ‘site description’ to complete the process.

  1. Pick a theme

WordPress themes consist of templates with files, and stylesheets. You can opt for a free theme or use a paid theme. Log in to the administrative page of your WordPress account.   Then click on ‘Appearance’ and select ‘Themes’. You may search for new themes by clicking ‘Add New’.

  1. Install WordPress Plugins

Plugins extend the features of a website by integrating with it. You can use Elementor Pro, Short Pixel Image Optimizer, WP Rocket, Yoast, and  SEO for this.

  1. Create great content

Create your first masterpiece! Remember, blogs are Google-backed. So, you must put the keyword in the URL. Also, include it in your title and post.  The keyword should also come in the first or second paragraph and spread throughout the post. Consider what the audience wants and fix your content strategy and search intent accordingly.

  1. Promote the blog

Link building helps to promote a blog. You can also opt for guest blogging and SEO for promoting the blog.

Passing words

Like everything in life, monetizing a blog is also associated with certain obstacles. Now that you know the steps to start a blog and the website for work from home you should start your adventure.

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