Work from home extra money – How to be a Reseller

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Reselling is one of the best options to earn without much investment. If you want to work from home  extra money, then you can be a reseller without much effort. You need not have a revolutionary new product to sell neither you need to manufacture a product to start your e-commerce journey. There are several business models you can choose depending upon your choice and preference.

What is a Reseller?

Well, a reseller is a person who sells products to their customers after purchasing products from retailers. You need to have a trade license or reseller license in the purview of local sales tax. Nowadays, with the introduction of online technologies, resellers don’t pile up stocks on their premises. Rather, they send the sold products directly from the warehouse. This is termed as one of the most profitable business models if you have relevant experience in that field. With the boom of e-commerce all over the world, you can easily book a good amount of profits by investing minimum time.


You might say that this option of work from home extra money by reselling products is already done by so many people. Then how you can be successful in that? Well, the answer is very simple. You need to find the right niche as per market demand and your expertise. Then only you will be able to crack the market. Yes, the market is full of competitors, still, if you come out with quality or innovative products, then buyers would love to buy only from you. And, it has been noticed in all cases where people have become successful resellers.

Difference between Reseller and Distributor

A distributor buys products directly from the manufacturer, keeps those in their warehouse or in-store, and sells to end consumers as per requirement. In several cases, the distributor helps manufacture for branding, marketing, and labelling of those products. A reseller, on the contrary, doesn’t hold any physical inventory for selling. They simply act as a bridge between the customer and the manufacturer. In the present context where online is the most powerful medium of sale and purchase, the reseller business is regarded as one of the best due to its low risk and investment.


Why You should be a Reseller?

There is a good number of reasons why you should start your reselling business now. This is perhaps one of the best options for work from home extra money among all formats. You can have a wide range of products with minimum costs associated with those. Once your business starts rolling, you will find the cash flow rate is much higher than expected. Here are a few reasons:

  • Set Your Margin

As a reseller, you need not depend on others to fix the price of your product. You can do a market survey and can easily fix a price as per your understanding. As the cost of the product is lesser, you can have a substantial amount of profit despite not fixing a high price.

  • Less Financial Risk

The investment in reselling business is very less. Hence, the risk of loss is low. This is the best business for new people who don’t want to take risks. You need not buy products in bulk quantity nor do you have to shell out expenses for inventory. You just pay for the products that the customer has ordered. In between, profit is yours.

  • Easy Expansion

If you start initially with one or two products, it is very easy to expand the business. It does not need to invest a good amount for opening up a new front, so easily you can add new products to your virtual shelf.


  • No Inventory

Probably, this is the best feature of reselling business in any country. You need not have any physical stock – a sigh of relief for those who don’t have money or space for that. No need to purchase products in bulk quantity to get better advantages. You will only pay as per the customer’s selection of products. This is applicable for products like apparel, electronics, lifestyle, and all sorts of products.

  • Immediate Start

To start reselling business, you need not wait for long. As this is completely online, hence no question of a physical store, its decoration, merchandising, and customer handling. You can launch your business at any point in time whenever you decide and you can also expand in the same line.

  • Variety of Products

Products are unlimited on the online platform and your reselling business too can be unlimited. If you are selling clothes, easily you can add jewelry, handbag, shoe, and other related products.


Work from home extra money is very much possible if you are into reselling business. As a reseller, you just have to reach the customers virtually. Rest, you need not be worried about anything. If you want to know some popular niche where you can start to do business as a reseller, then here are some of those:

  • Apparel
  • Cosmetics
  • Accessories
  • Electronics
  • Households


With the advent of technology in every corner, you can use the online platform like anything to boost your business. You can have your website, social media pages, direct selling apps, and all sorts of things. You need to give some time to those activities to reach your targeted customers. Payment gateways should be safe, and secured and must be from a reputed one whom people will believe. Keep as many as options possible in receiving payments so that every customer can be entertained. Resellers have to be socially active and need to have a strong online presence nowadays to promote their product. For that, they can take advantage of various promotional activities run by social media houses.

As a reseller, you need to create such an environment that a customer can buy your product from anywhere using anything – that can be using a laptop or even a smartphone. Work from home extra money with reseller business is why is being adopted by millions of people worldwide. You too can start the same without any hesitation. Surely, you will be able to reap dividends very soon.