Work from home making money – How to be a virtual assistant

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More and more people are resorting to work from home making money in the United States in the post-pandemic period.


Who wants a 9 to 5 grind when it is possible to work from home making money and stay safe? Remote working is the current trend in the United States. Around 4.3 million Americans work remotely and it is gaining popularity. Job seekers can now find plenty of remote working opportunities with a variety of schedule that suits everyone. There are plenty of options in accounts & finance, administration, consultation, teaching, marketing, transcription, virtual assistance, writing, and many more. If one has a strong desire and skill, they can be successful to make money by working as virtual assistants. Let’s check how.


How to be a virtual assistant to work from home making money

Try these steps if you are interested to be a virtual assistant to work from home making money.

  1. Identify skills

Knowing your skills and strengths is vital for becoming a virtual assistant.  One needs to be computer proficient. That is to say, one must be familiar with the internet, able to manage emails, and proficient in cloud-based communication, teleconferencing, etc. One should also have good verbal and written communication skills and should be able to provide support. Editorial skill is another essential requirement as virtual assistants need to provide error-free documents. One should also be proficient in administrative tasks like managing calendars, schedules, appointments, and other organizing tasks. Last but not least is time management. No one bars you from becoming virtual assistants to multiple companies, but you have to ensure to perform jobs on time.

  1. Decide what services you want to offer

Deciding the services you will offer is vital. No hard and fast rule is there that you have to stick to certain specific services. Virtual assistants can offer a plethora of services to their clients. Ideally, one should pick two to three services they are proficient with and can expand the service horizon with time. One can adapt or change service offers to suit the business.  It is also possible to offer different services to different clients.


  1. Set up the structure

Before you start actual work from home making money one must decide the tasks to do and set up the business structure accordingly. Choose only those jobs that you can and are willing to do. You may start as a sole proprietorship business.  They are easy to start but put your assets at risk. Alternatively, you can set up an LLC business. It protects your home and other personal properties if you are ever sued. You should also consider if you are willing to work with clients in the locality or anywhere. Considering the family situations like children, spouse, and liabilities is also vital. And finally, assess your risk tolerance.

  1. Get the necessary equipment

It will depend on the services you are going to offer. Other than a reliable internet connection, virtual assistants use a laptop and a cell phone. But one may also need an additional desktop, monitor, phone, dedicated landline, a headphone, a printer, and a scanner.

  1. Fix pricing structure

To fix the right price to work from home making money one has to decide how much is enough but not excessive. Everything depends on your skill, experience, and the services you are offering. You should consider what will be worth of the time spent and how much you need a month. Also, keep provisions for your tax liabilities, office expenses, software subscriptions, etc.  It is better to start with $25 per hour for the first client and increase it by $2.50 for new clients. Once you have fixed the hourly rate you may also fix your price for project-based packages, retainer packages, and usable hours packages.


  1. Build an online presence

As the current trend goes one has no existence if they do not exist on the internet. A strong online presence is essential when you are planning to work from home making money as a virtual assistant. It must fulfill the following criteria.

  • A user-friendly platform
  • Easy navigation
  • Presentations with appealing visuals
  • Services offered by you
  • An easy way to connect and work together

For this, one should start with a platform like WordPress. Alternatively, you can also start to establish your online presence on social media platforms with

  • A profile dedicated to virtual assistant business. Facebook and LinkedIn are ideal platforms for this.
  • A resume focusing on your skills to serve businesses
  • Creating a ‘work with me page’ highlighting who you are and what you are.
  1. Search jobs

You need clients to start your career as a virtual assistant. As a new entrant, you may need to accept low-paying jobs until you gain experience and gather positive reviews. You may look for jobs on the following platforms.


  1. Build a portfolio

As you get jobs and gain experience, ask for feedback from the clients. Then build a portfolio showcasing some examples of work done by you along with customer reviews. It will help you secure better jobs with time.

  1. Market your services

As you have found a niche and have your website, you must sell your services. Your success depends on that. Create engaging content and make SEO your friend. Building a network of virtual assistants also helps. Also, get in touch with the people working in the field and never forget to connect with previous clients.

  1. Upskilling holds the key

The world is moving very fast these days. New software and functionalities are coming out almost every month. You are likely to fall behind in case you do not update yourself. Present-day customers always prefer tech-savvy virtual assistants who can use the latest tools and techniques. It makes upskilling necessary to survive in the profession.

Wrapping up

The Work from home making money allows opportunities to balance your work and life. As such it greatly reduces physical and psychological stress. Just give you a jerk and join the clan to make money working from home.

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