How to make money and work from home – A Social Media Influencer Guide

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There are millions of aspirants looking to work from home and earn good amount of money. They will usually search the Internet to learn how to make money and work from home. One of the best ways to achieve such objective is to become a social media influencer. Popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube have millions of followers. You can earn a lot becoming a social media influencer.


How to make Money and Work from Home

Tremendous strides made by information technology during the last three decades have completely transformed the concept of work. The traditional practice of remaining present physically at the workplace is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Today; you will find thousands of enterprises engaging people working from home as their employees. The employer and employees may not have seen each other at all. Answer to the question how to make money and work from home is that you have to find out the best way to achieve this target. As already stated above; becoming a social media influencer can assure handsome dividends for you.

 What is A Social Media Influencer?


As the name indicates, the social media influencer works in the following manner.

  • The task of the social media influencer is to guide the buyers in making their purchasing decisions.
  • The aim is to motivate the buyers to buy the products marketed by the enterprise for whom the influencer is working.
  • A social media influencer requires adequate skills and experience giving him or her ability to evoke positive response of the potential buyers of the product or services promoted.
  • It is one of the most successful methods when you have to make a decision on how to make money and work from home.

Common Types of Social Media Influencers

Usually; it is the industry leaders, bloggers, and celebrities that come in the category of the top social media influencers. They are the best positioned people to influence their fans and followers on the social media sites. Many followers and fans are likely to follow their recommendations even when the products and services sponsored by them are new entrants in the market. Best part of it is that a successful social media influencer is able to make money working from home.

Becoming a Social Media Influencer

Many experts will answer your question how to make money and work from home recommending you to become a social media influencer. The natural sequel to this question is how to become one. Social media platforms are easy to navigate and using them as an influencer is quite easy. However, the difficult part of it is to motivate the targeted people to buy the products and services you are recommending. Therefore, you should know about the steps to be taken in the right direction.

Steps to Become Successful Social Media Influencer


Following are the steps to become social media influencer.

  • Choose your niche service in which you have knowledge and expertise.
  • Decide on which social media channel you want to work.
  • Choose the easiest type of content to upload for your target audience.
  • Work hard to create reputation as a best social media influencer.
  • Optimize the contents uploaded for mobile phones.

Learn to Make Money using Social Media

It is revealed by researchers that on average an American spends around 2 hours a day on social media. Most of them do not earn any money in the process. Therefore; you should learn how to make money and work from home using the social media. A top social media influencer claims that a lot of money can be earned using two posts a week with only a thousand followers on Instagram. It is not the number of the followers but the quality of the content uploaded that matters the most. What you need is a contingent of niche followers who will stick to your recommendations. You also have to create contents for the mass and not for your friends only.

You can make it a Part Time or Full Time Job

As a social media influencer, you can make it a part time or full time profession. Established influencers are paid in the range of 40-2000 dollars for the Instagram posts. You can make extra money using the influencer posts or you can also make it a salary type dedicating to a full time job. In either case, you have to understand how to make money and work from home. The 3D principles of dedication, determination, and discipline will help you to achieve your goal.

Make Money without Selling Anything


One of the unique features of using the social media sites to make money is that you can make money without selling anything. The industry is rapidly growing and experts predict it to become an industry worth $10 billion by 2023. That is also the reason of increased investments on social media influencer by many enterprises.

The Steps to Take

How to make money and work from home? Following are the steps.

  • Select a social media site.
  • Join an influencer network.
  • Boost the engagement rates.
  • Give free gifts to customers.
  • Decide on your niche.
  • Partner with a mobile app.
  • Upload high-quality images and relevant brand information.

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How the Influencers Make Money?

Social media channels enjoy huge popularity. For many it is not just fun but also a source of income. The more traffic movement to the client site and better revenue generation can be ensured by innovative use of such channels. The influencer gets money as commission from the brands they promote. The prevalent practice is to pay the influencer per social media posts.

People interested in learning how to make money and work from home has various options to choose from. However, working as a social media influencer could be one of the best ways for such people.

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