Work From Home With No Money To Start – A TaskRabbit Guide

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The trend of working from home to earn money is becoming popular across the globe. It got further impetus with the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic as a safe proposition. It was also favored by the employees because they did not have to bear the expenses relating to setting up a physical establishment. It is also possible to work from home with no money to start for earning a decent living.

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Using TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is one of the best options if you are looking to work from home with no money to start. Earning money becomes easier by resorting to it. Therefore, it is necessary knowing what is TaskRabbit and how it works.

What is TaskRabbit?

Following are the features of TaskRabbit.

  • It is an odd-job service.
  • It operates in over 60 cities in the United States.
  • TaskRabbit connects the users known as the “Taskers” to paying entities.
  • It is ideal for those that want to work from home with no money to start.
  • The focus is on the handyman type jobs.
  • Core concept of the system is to get rewarded for smart spending.


Eligibility to Use TaskRabbit

To use TaskRabbit you have to meet the following criteria.

  • Your age should be 18 years or more.
  • You must own a valid checking account.
  • You should have a valid credit card.
  • You must pass the credential checking.

Using TaskRabbit

In order to work from home with no money to start –

  • You have to download the tasker app on your mobile.
  • Then you have to provide the basic information for verification.
  • You will have to provide a profile photo.
  • Users also have to set the pay rates and indicate their experience for coming under a task category.
  • Each of the services you provide should be saddled with a “quick pitch” to explain the benefits of availing your services.

Maintain Positive Reviews

It is very important to maintain positive reviews so that your clients can trust you. It is therefore recommended to limit marketing of your services to those areas where you have the ability to maintain high-quality levels. To use TaskRabbit you have to register by paying $25 as the registration fees. It is the only investment to be made as all other fees are borne by your clients. This is also the reason of the tag of an ideal platform to work from home with no money to start.

Moves to Attract the Clients

It goes without saying that your TaskRabbit venture depends on the ability to attract more and more clients. The following moves can help.

  • Develop a strong profile.
  • Design an attractive and targeted “quick pitch”.
  • Provide the details for the customers.
  • Create a great impression and earn good reviews.
  • Provide excellent customer services for the clients.

Great Option to Earn Extra Money

For those who want to work from home with no money to start; TaxRabbit is a great option. It is particularly useful as a platform to earn some extra money without investing anything. It is also a great option for the people who are unemployed.

Best Ways to Earn at TaskRabbit

Some of the best ways to earn money using TaskRabbit are as follows.

  • Surveys where you answer simple questions.
  • Testing new products and putting forth your experience.
  • Intelligent use of the online platform for buying and selling.

 Areas Covered by TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is the site where you will come across various short tasks to earn money. The site also provides facilities for crowdsourcing as well as the micro-jobs. Basically it is an online platform for transactions on services. It is also used by top brands like the Ikea. Taskers and their clients can find each other on this online platform and set the terms to perform the jobs. It becomes a link to connect the sellers and the buyers with each other. Since; both the buyers and sellers leave a review after the completion of each task, the reviews are also highly rated in the market.

Jobs to Offer on TaskRabbit

A host of jobs are offered on TaskRabbit.  While the focus is on work from home, there are also other jobs available. Tasks are allotted depending on the skill levels of the performers. Important jobs include writing, web designing, marketing online, accounting, videos and audios, research, editing, and office administration to name a few. In essence; you will find all real-life tasks on the TaskRabbit platform. It is the right place also to work from home with no money to start as the tasks do not need any capital investment.

Jobs without Background Check


While to be eligible for most of the jobs on TaskRabbit you will have to pass the background check, there are some home-based jobs where no background check is required. In such cases you have to provide –

  • Social security number.
  • Bank checking account.
  • Facebook or LinkedIn page.

You must be resident of listed cities in United States.

(Get paid to complete flexible short tasks with TaskRabbit (

Payment Procedure at TaskRabbit

You have to fix the rate on hourly basis. It is also necessary to set the total hours you spend on a job. Your rate of remuneration will also depend on the reviews that will indicate your worth as the tasker or the employer. Those included in Elite group can get higher rates than others. You can visit the TaskRabbit site for more information.

When it comes to work from home with no money to start, TaskRabbit turns out to be a best solution. The only investment is the registration fee of $25 to be paid for registering on the site. On the other hand the site provides a wide array of tasks you can try to make money while working from home.

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